To take control of your health

Scary Statistics: 60% of the US population has chronic diseases; 70% are overweight or obese. 90% are metabolically unhealthy and susceptible to type 2 diabetes and the chronic diseases associated with insulin resistance.

This means more time spent in the doctor’s office, more medications with more side effects, more inactivity, less mobility and functional ability is not the way I want to live as I get older. It is time to change that progression. You CAN take control of your health. I am asking you to join me on this journey. I have been on it for quite a few years and I can attest to you it is not always easy but it is always worth it. Join me and let’s be different than how we are portrayed at large in our society. Don’t be vulnerable, be an over comer. You CAN do this! Let me help you on the journey! Trust me when I say “you can do more than you think you can”

Your health and fitness really form the baseline of your life as you age, so I hope I can encourage you to become pro-active about your health as never before. Discover what that really means and how it can apply to you as you review the contents of this website over the next few minutes. My goal is to increase your passion and motivation for a healthy lifestyle, optimum fitness and a robust immune system.

My focus and training is pointed toward the individual age 60 and above and seeks to address the primary focal points of aging: Functional movement and posture; cognitive health, balance and resistance training.  This focus translates into four primary areas of aging “well”.

  • Brain health and cognitive fitness
  • Corrective exercise and posture
  • Balance and mobility
  • Strength and power

If this makes sense to you and you would like to find out more about why this is so very important, go to the contact page and let’s set up a time to access your situation and determine how I may be able to help you.



Certified Personal Trainer NASM

Senior Fitness Specialist NASM

Corrective Exercise Specialist NASM

Certified Nutrition Coach NASM

Golf Fitness Specialist NASM

Functional Aging Specialist , Functional Aging Institute

Certified Silver Sneakers Group Exercise Instructor Tivity Health

TRX Suspension Training Certification TRX/Fitness Anywhere

TRX Group Training Certification TRX/Fitness Anywhere

Zibro Balance Training Specialist